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Registration for this service is based on the Strata Plan having registered the appropriate Bylaw to allow the service of Notices Electronically.

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ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS I/We understand and acknowledge that in submitting this request it is my/our responsibility to ensure that your levies are paid by the due date as per the conditions set out in Section 78 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996. I/We undertake to immediately advise Michael Roberts Strata Management Service Pty Limited in writing of any changes or any other issues affecting the email address provided in this form, which may prevent the timely transmission and receipt of my/our Levy Notice, Agenda Notice, Minutes of Meeting and any and all other correspondence delivered electronically and acknowledge that if I /we provide the incorrect information or if an emailed levy notice cannot be delivered for any other reason, the levy notice will be sent by normal surface mail.