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Contents insurance

In the event of a roof leak, sewer overflow, burst water pipe or other instance in a unit, the owners’ corporation is not able to pay your costs in repairing any damage to items other than common property. We strongly recommend you contact your insurance company or broker to arrange a suitable policy for your requirements.

Major Changes to Strata Laws

New strata laws started on 30 November 2016. They have been modernised to fit the reality of living in a strata townhouse or apartment today. 

The new building defect bond scheme started on 1 January 2018.

Currently more than a quarter of NSW's population lives in, owns or manages strata.

Many new requirements will not impact strata communities immediately. This includes allowing time for pre-appointed strata managing agents, building managers and executive committee members to continue in their roles once the law reforms start.

Some key changes include:

  • strengthening the accountability of strata managers
  • allowing owners to adopt modern technology to conduct meetings, vote, communicate and administer their scheme
  • the need for owners to review by-laws (strata community rules) within 12 months, which can be customised to suit their lifestyle - such as whether to allow owners to keep a pet by giving notice to the owners corporation
  • a process for the collective sale and renewal of a strata scheme
  • a simpler, clearer process for dealing with disputes
  • broadening tenant participation in meetings
  • a new option to manage unauthorised parking through a commercial arrangement between a local council and a strata scheme
  • a clearer and simpler three-tier renovations process, which waives approval for cosmetic renovations within the strata lot (for example, installing handrails for safety).

Professionals discussing about Starta Schemes Management Act

The changes aim to:

  • make it easier for owners corporations to manage issues like pets, parking and by-laws
  • create a new democratic process for collective sale and renewal of strata schemes
  • support the responsible management of schemes with new accountabilities for strata managing agents
  • establish a new process to help ensure building defects are addressed early in the life of the building
  • enable modern forms of communication (including new options for your strata scheme to keep and issue electronic records, issue email updates and attend meetings ‘virtually’) to allow greater participation in schemes.

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Strata Committee Members

If you are a member of the Strata Committee, it is highly recommended you ensure the owners’ corporation takes out Office Bearers Liability insurance. This insurance is discussed at each AGM.

Smoke detectors

Owners and occupiers must have smoke detectors installed at all residential properties, with the battery being renewed at least once each year.

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